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About copyright

About copyright

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Using Material From this Site

In general:
This site is intended for the education and reference of anyone interested in Isshinryu Karate Do. The material contained within it is the property of its author. Harry G. Smith retains all rights to the material contained within this site.


Permitted Usage:
You may copy and use text and images from this site for any educational purpose, provided that the source is properly quoted and that you will receive no compensation either monetary or otherwise for itís use; e.g. papers for belt tests and school projects. No part of this site may be used in any form of publication including electronic; e.g. web sites, without the express written permission of its author. You may quote this site in email and in on line forums as long as credit is given, you receive no compensation, and the purpose is to further Isshinryu Karate.


Before you ask:
Generally, permission will not be granted for use in another web site. The author firmly believes that if you have to copy from another site there is no point in putting up a new site. On the other hand, permission to link to this site is gladly given as long as the link makes it obvious that the material is coming from this site. If you have questions or would like to contact me email me at:



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