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   On February 6, 1976 on WTTG-TV, a program called Panorama was aired and who better than Maury Povich to interview/interrogate William Colby, then director of the Central Intelligence Agency.


   In his opening statement, Povich said that critics of the Vietnam War would say that a murderer was loose in Vietnam. His name was William Colby and he was at the top of a program called "Phoenix," in which no more torturous, no more nefarious, no more wicket program could there have been than the Phoenix program. Villagers were murdered and tortured under the guise of infiltration of the Vietcong cadres.


   Now with the above paragraph in mind, first tell me why a man would want to prove that he was part of that program, other than to educate, why would he want his family to know, no matter how it was disguised? How could a man explain that things happen to scar and twist a man until he thinks that he never will believe in anything again, that there's no evil he wouldn't commit to survive? Then he goes beyond it.


   After all these years, with the advent of the ability to communicate with your fingertips anywhere in the world, no longer are secrets able to remain secrets. Those who once, when confronted with violence, stated, I have a black belt in karate, don't fool with me, now hide behind initials on web sites. There will be no good that will come of this, but maybe years from now, and probably not too many years, my son might understand when those seeking to change history to suit there own egos attempt to challenge his fathers image. I would never allow my family to think me a fool, or worse, a liar.


   I will write this as if some clown cornered my son and tried to destroy my image, his respect for me. One day "Striped Moons" might find it's way to book form and then possibly reasoning can be better understood.


   It's funny, rather pathetic, but normal for humankind to read a book, watch TV, be exposed to the covert activities of many different types of people and never require proof of the information. They will accept the fact of those covert operation, be impressed by the mystic, be excited and entertained by the fact that so many things can be accomplished without written or proven documentation of the deeds completed under the guise of being covert, yet when exposed to it in real life, refuse to accept the possibility of it happening. further


Copyright 2005 Harry G. Smith