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Shimabukuro Tatsuo Sensei





Just a human being, just a man

Biography by Harry G. Smith
I have read so many biographies describing my Master that I would not have recognized him had he actually been as the biographies describe him to be. I have yet to read anything actually written by Senseiís family or even close friends.

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Tatsuo Shimabuku, my memories

Biography by Art Smiley
My first introduction to him was through Don Nagle. I saw Don Nagle working out in a crossit at Ten Gen. Ten Gen was Camp Courtney on Okinawa. This is in 1956. Don Nagle was my first introduction to karate. At first it was comical watching him go through his katas, but then it was also fascinating so I asked he explained, I watched, I asked he explained. Went to the dojo as his guest. The dojo was in Kyan. Kyan was a little village...

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Tatsuo Shimabukuro


Shimabukuro Tatsuo Sensei's birthdate, deathdate and name as can be found at official documents. Excerpt from his Koseki (=family register), his obituary, his Honka (=seal) & written name in Kanji.

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Tatsuo Shimabukuro

Vintage Movies

Four unique recordings taken at the Agena Dojo, Okinawa in 1958. Although poor quality, worth to look at because these films shows Tatsuo in his prime. Available at this site with thanks to Sensei Michael Calandra of the IWKA.

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Tatsuo Shimabukuro

1966 Film
Movie clips in WMV format to view online. Taken at Steve Armstrong's dojo in 1966. Clear digitized recordings of the orginal film and about 30 minutes of take-downs and bunkai will be offered at the GKA-store in near future.

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